Joel-Peter Witkin art with dead bodies. Incredible, macabre. For more of his work, visit his gallery:

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The Horrific Art of Olivier de Sagazan

His website

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5 of the Creepiest Sites You’ll Visit Today
1. - The page is titled “Television Without Context” and features a constant loop of videos ranging from bizarre security camera scenes to voiced-over cartoons.
2. Sentimental Corp - The homepage alone will leave you wondering if you should go further. If you want to be confused and slightly disturbed, then the answer is yes. The gif-like icons at the top of the page redirect viewers to pages such as “Goat Worship”, which features a 30+ minute video of a demonic Ronald McDonald.
3. MarbleHornets - An introduction video plays automatically, explaining the story of a young filmmaker named Alex. Alex was working on a project when he suddenly dropped it and requested that the types be burned. He later disappeared. The channel owner posts various video entries that were left behind by Alex.
4. The Dionaea House - The site’s owner, Eric, has posted the lengthy, super creepy email correspondences between himself and a friend (Mark) who receives word that their old friend Andrew was involved in a murder-suicide. Mark timelines his investigation of their hometown and the house that he believes drove Andrew insane. (I highly recommend reading these.)
5. Magibon Project  - You can see this one for yourselves.
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Porcelain figures by Maria Rubinke

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Just watch as the original text disappears, the words as the subtitles quickly appear and disappear.


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Bat impaled on a cactus

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These gruesome little things are Victorian Mummy Dolls. 

Incredibly, they would often keep the body of an infant and, once it was mummified, they would dress the baby’s body and keep it as a memento. It was the equivalent of the modern day taxidermy of a treasured pet. 

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i wish these creepy lil things were actually real and the story was true, but they’re really just a series of sculptures made by an artist named shain erin. amazing art, though :)

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Chucky Bus Stop Prank in Brazil

Well that’s one way to promote your movie

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23 creepiest things kids said about their imaginary friends.

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Series of paintings discovered in an abandon mental asylum in Italy.

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hi new followers! ~welcome to my creepy blog~ posting a picture of me on here for the first time so ya get a little idea of who i am.
anyways, sorry i’ve been totally awol for the past few months! i hope to get this blog back up & running in the next few weeks as i finish up my senior year :) and as always, if you have anything cool/creepy/unusual you want to share, don’t hesitate to submit it!


10 Fun Facts About Cannibalism (As illustrated by NBC Hannibal x)

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